About Us

  • What we do?

    We teach and tutor Arabic language for individuals and corporations, plus we develop our own method and curriculum and tailor courses for our clients.
    We, also provide teachers training of Arabic to non native speakers on our new method “Think in Arabic”

  • What do we offer?

    Depending on our experience in teaching and tutoring Arabic language, we are committed to provide the best Arabic Language learning services and study materials including apps, books, study cards and boards “roll-ups”.

  • What is our method?

    Our method called “Think in Arabic” which is an innovative method to help young Arab students and non- Arabic speaker whether young school students or adults to learn Arabic language easy, fast and sure by using integrated educational and study materials (books, cards and boards / roll-ups) designed and developed by Mostafa Elabbady.

    Our books and study materials are integrated together and complete each others. They are printed and distributed through different channels, Books, Study cards, Boards, and Iphone and Ipad applications, “you can check the link below for Iphone version for Arabic Alphabet".

  • Stages

    The method based on first teaching Arabic alphabet characters and writing system plus basic vocabulary to train the ear on Arabic sounds, first stage will take nearly 20 hours and it is done through:
    1 – “Read and write Arabic in 59 minutes”+DVD. The book and the DVD is an introduction to Arabic Alphabet.
    2 – Arabic alphabet study cards. The cards will help to memorize Alphabet fast.
    3 – The 100 most common words in Arabic.
    4 – Sun Lam board, this board will help learner to gain like-native ability in speaking Arabic language.
    5 – Moon Lam board, this board will help learner to gain like-native ability in speaking Arabic language.
    6 – Arabic Pronouns board

    Then the second stage which will take around 30 hours will focus on conversation, this will be done through:
    1- The Arabic verb and tenses Book.
    2- Arabic Present tense board.
    3- Arabic Past tense board.
    4- Arabic future tense board.
    5- Arabic Imperative board.
    6- The 200 most common verbs in Arabic study cards. “two parts”
    7- The 200 most common adjectives in Arabic study cards. “two parts”
    We will also use other boards and cards to help more focus on basic vocabulary, adjectives and verbs.

    In the last stage we will use “Decoding Arabic Dialects” book to understand the difference between Arabic Dialects in a very simple way. The book bridges the gap between the street and the classroom.

  • Experience

    While tutoring and teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers in Dubai, I met people who lived all their lives in Arabic courtiers even they studied Arabic as a subject in schools and still can’t make one simple sentence. This encouraged me to develop this method applying memory techniques such as association, mnemonics and peg system and we tried to solve the problems which face non Arabic speakers students like the different levels of Arabic, whether it is Classical Arabic “Fus-ha”, or modern standard Arabic MSA, or it is different Arabic dialects.