Arabic Apps for iPhone & iPads

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  • Arabic Alphabet

    Arabic Alphabet - Letters & Sounds

  • 100 Words

    The 100 most used words in Arabic

  • 100 Adjectives

    Arabic 100 Most Used Adjectives

  • 100 Verbs

    Arabic 100 Most Used Verbs

  • 100 Aviation

    Arabic 100 most used-aviation terms

  • Alhurufu-Alhijayiyat


  • Arabic Alphabet

    Arabic Tenses and verb Conjugations

Arabic Apps for android


  • Easy Reading Arabic App

    Read Arabic App is carefully written and simply designed to help learners to understand sentence structure in Arabic with clearly recorded word by word sounds plus translation in many languages. To see translation just click on the word. We used 800 basic words in Arabic. #Read_Arabic_App #Read_Arabic #Write_Arabic